Yogesh Chandrasekaran

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A series of dicarboxylic quinoline derivatives bearing electron-releasing or -withdrawing substituents have been synthesized using mono- or/and biphasic methodologies. By controlling the regioselectivity of addition into our electrophilic intermediate, we also characterized by which mechanism the Doebner-Miller cyclization step occurred. As anticipated,(More)
The photochemical and redox properties of two newly synthesized tetrahydroquinoxaline-based squaraine dyes (SQ) are investigated using femto- and nanosecond laser flash photolysis, pulse radiolysis, and cyclic voltammetry. In acetonitrile and dichloromethane, these squaraines exist as monomers in the zwitterionic form (lambda(max) approximately 715 nm,(More)
This study reports the synthesis and photophysical properties of a star-shaped, novel, fluoranthene-tetraphenylethene (TFPE) conjugated luminogen, which exhibits aggregation-induced blue-shifted emission (AIBSE). The bulky fluoranthene units at the periphery prevent intramolecular rotation (IMR) of phenyl rings and induces a blueshift with enhanced(More)
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