Yogendra Joshi

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Power consumption and cooling overheads are becoming increasingly significant for large scale machines, affecting overall costs and the ability to extend resource capacities and performance capabilities. To help mitigate these issues, active power management technologies are being deployed aggressively, including power budgeting, which enables improved(More)
Energy efficiency in data center operation depends on many factors, including power distribution, thermal load and consequent cooling costs, and IT management in terms of how and where IT load is placed and moved under changing request loads. Current methods provided by vendors consolidate IT loads onto the smallest number of machines needed to meet(More)
In this paper, we investigate the co-design of multicore architectures and microfluidic cooling for 3D stacked ICs. The architecture is a 16 core, x86 multicore die stacked with a second die hosting an L2 SRAM cache. First, a multicore x86 compatible cycle-level microarchitecture simulator was constructed and integrated with physical power models. The(More)
This paper addresses the thermal dissipation of power amplifier (PA) chips, which is one of the biggest challenges in the development of ultra-miniaturized glass-based RF modules. Glass packages with 3D or double-side active and passive integration offer the best miniaturization and performance enhancement for RF modules because glass has ultra-low loss,(More)
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