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The Pilot operating system is designed for the personal computing environment. It provides a basic set of services within which higher-level programs can more easily serve the user and/or communicate with other programs on other machines. Pilot omits certain functions sometimes associated with “complete” operating systems, such as(More)
We consider the problem of naming and locating objects in a distributed environment, and describe the clearinghouse-a decentralized agent for supporting network-visible objects. Binding is an important architectural component of a distributed system, and the clearinghouse serves the role of "glue" that binds together the many loosely-coupled,(More)
we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of independent computer systems used for scientific computing , business, process control, word processing, and personal computing. These machines do not compute in isolation, and with their proliferation comes a need for suitable communication networks-particularly local computer networks that can(More)
Most algorithms for constructing minimal spanning trees are sequential in operation. Distributed algorithms for constructing these trees operate both concurrently and asynchronously, and are useful in store-and-forward packet-switching computer-communication networks where there is typically no single source of control. The difficulties in designing such(More)
This note serves to supplement and extend the ideas and issues raised in [TO74]. Tomlinson examines the problem of establishing a connection (association), and being able to detect delayed packets of an old incarnation of a connection, when it is being opened and closed in quick succesion, or when the connection breaks owing to some crash and is restarted(More)