Yogen K. Dalal

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The Pilot operating system provides a single-user, single-language environment for higher level software on a powerful personal computer. Its features include virtual memory, a large "fiat" file system, streams, network communication facilities, and concurrent programming support. Pilot thus provides rather more powerful facilities than are normally(More)
Agent The problem of naming and locating objects in a distributed environment is considered, and the clearinghouse, a decentralized agent for supporting the naming of these "network-visible" objects, is described. The objects "known" to the clearinghouse are of many types and include workstations, file servers, print servers, mail servers, clearinghouse(More)
The Pilot operating system is designed for the personal computing environment. It provides a basic set of services within which higher-level programs can more easily serve the user and/or communicate with other programs on other machines. Pilot omits certain functions sometimes associated with “complete” operating systems, such as(More)