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BACKGROUND The management of diabetic foot ulcers remains a problem. A treatment modality that uses compressed air massage has been developed as a supplement to standard surgical and medical treatment. Compressed air massage is thought to improve local tissue oxygenation around ulcers. The aim of this study was to determine whether the addition of(More)
With the increasing interest in sphincter preservation in the treatment of low rectal carcinoma, we retrospectively reviewed the present surgical options--sphincter preservation with colo-anal anastomosis, and the radical abdominoperineal resection (APR). Seventeen patients had sphincter preservation with colo-anal anastomosis and 12 an APR; 53% of the(More)
This study on ulcerative colitis in the Indian population of Durban between 1983 and 1987 revealed an incidence of 2,7/100,000 per year. Patients tended to have clinically mild-to-moderate disease, with macroscopic examination showing moderate severity and either extensive or total involvement. No relationship was found between clinical, macroscopic and(More)
The launch of Cartosat-1 is the beginning of yet another series of satellite mission after IRS satellites for earth observation and natural resource management applications. The first in its series of satellite for Cartographic applications, Cartosat-1 was launched on 5th May 2005. The along-track stereo viewing capability was realized by employing two(More)
Histologically proven gastric carcinoma was studied to establish the incidence and pattern of the disease in the Indian population of Durban. The incidence in this population was found to be low, 6.9/100,000/year. Over a 7-year period (1980-1986) 115 patients were treated for gastric carcinoma at R. K. Khan Hospital. There was a male preponderance, and the(More)
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