Yogananda V. Jeppu

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Safety critical control systems, especially flight control systems, have failed in trials and actual flights sometimes killing people. Independence is a key word in the verification and validation activity of such systems. Model based testing is used today in all flight control programs. Test cases are generated using qualified automated tools or manually(More)
Design of Experiments (DOE) is a mathematical methodology employed for information gathering and inference. This research uses the Design of Experiments methodology to analyze the worst case scenario for guiding the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to a maneuverable target by an UAV. Using a minimal set of simulations the DOE provides the worst case target(More)
Verification of Test Procedures and Test Cases (TP, TC) is an important process stage for fulfilling the RTCA/DO-178B/C compliance objective while developing software for safety critical flight control systems. Correctness of these results, their requirement coverage (High/Low level) analysis and justified discrepancies (if any) are the primary objectives(More)
Flight control law software have errors. Some are found during the extensive testing and certification process and others pass through causing accidents. The testing of flight control software indicates that the code and the model match. But it is very difficult to ensure if the model was correct in the first place. Model checkers like Mathworks Simulink(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop a new guidance scheme for aerial vehicles based on artificial intelligence. The new guidance scheme must be able to intercept maneuvering targets with higher probability and precision compared to existing algorithms. Design/methodology/approach – A simulation setup of the aerial vehicle guidance problem is(More)
Aircraft flight control systems consist of primary controls and secondary control systems. Primary flight control systems provide the operation for the airplane's elevator, aileron rudder and horizontal stabilizer trim actuator. Simulink models are used to design and simulate such systems. Sensor failures happen very often and the control system is designed(More)