Yogaditya Chakrabarty

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microRNAs (miRNAs), the tiny but stable regulatory RNAs in metazoan cells, can undergo selective turnover in presence of specific internal and external cues to control cellular response against the changing environment. We have observed reduction in cellular miR-122 content, due to their accelerated extracellular export in human hepatic cells starved for(More)
As you will see, while the referees acknowledge that the findings are potentially interesting and novel, they also all point out that the data are insufficient to support the main conclusions. The main concerns are whether the miRNAs might be degraded instead of exported in response to amino acid starvation, that the technical quality of the study is low(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs), the tiny regulatory RNAs, form complexes with Argonaute (Ago) proteins and inhibit gene expression in metazoan cells. While studying parasite-invaded macrophages, we identify a unique mode of gene regulation in which the parasite Leishmania donovani (Ld) causes mitochondrial depolarization, reduces mitochondrial dynamics, and restricts(More)
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