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Program Slicing is the process of deleting statements in a program that do not aaect a given set of variables at a chosen point in the program. In this paper the rst parallel slicing algorithm for static program slicing is introduced. It is shown how the control ow graph of the program to be sliced is converted into a network of concurrent processes,(More)
Program slicing is a technique for program simpliication based upon the deletion of statements which cannot aaect the values of a chosen set of variables. Because slicing extracts a subcomponent of the program concerned with some speciic computation on a set of variables, it can be used to assist program comprehension, allowing a programmer to remodularise(More)
Problems associated with understanding, verifying and re-engineering the way in which a system allocates and releases dynamic memory present significant challenges to the software maintainer. Because the questions underlying these problems are undecidable, no system can provide a completely fail safe certification. For example, in checking for memory leaks,(More)
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