Yoann Padioleau

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The internal libraries of Linux are evolving rapidly, to address new requirements and improve performance. These evolutions, however, entail a massive problem of collateral evolution in Linux device drivers: for every change that affects an API, all dependent drivers must be updated accordingly. Manually performing such collateral evolutions is(More)
On the one hand, hierarchical organizations are rigid in the sense that there is only one path to each document. On the other hand, keyword-based search is flexible because many sets of keywords may lead to the same document, but it lacks a navigation mechanism. We present the new paradigm of a logic file system, which integrates navigation and(More)
We present Logical Information Systems (LIS). A LIS can be viewed as a schema-less database whose objects are described by logical formulas. Objects are automatically organized according to their logical description, and logical formulas can be used for representing both queries and navigation links. The key feature of a LIS is that it answers a query with(More)
It is difficult to develop style-preserving source-to-source transformation engines for C and C++. The main reason is not the complexity of those languages, but the use of the C pre-processor (cpp), especially ifdefs and macros. This has for example hindered the development of refactoring tools for C and C++. In this paper we propose to combine multiple(More)
In a modern operating system (OS), device drivers can make up over 70% of the source code. Driver code is also heavily dependent on the rest of the OS, for functions and data structures defined in the kernel and driver support libraries. These properties pose a significant problem for OS evolution, as any changes in the interfaces exported by the kernel and(More)
Innovations from multiple directions have been proposed to improve software reliability. Unfortunately, many of the innovations are not fully exploited by programmers. To bridge the gap, this paper proposes a new approach to “listen” to thousands of programmers: studying their programming comments. Since comments express programmers' assumptions(More)
Concurrency bugs in an operating system (OS) are detrimental as they can cause the OS to fail and affect all applications running on top of the OS. Detecting OS concurrency bugs is challenging due to the complexity of the OS synchronization, particularly with the presence of the OS specific interrupt context. Existing dynamic concurrency bug detection(More)
Collateral evolutions are a pervasive problem in large-scale software development. Such evolutions occur when an evolution that affects the interface of a generic library entails modifications, i.e., collateral evolutions, in all library clients. Performing these collateral evolutions requires identifying the affected files and modifying all of the code(More)
Developing and maintaining drivers is known to be one of the major challenges in creating a general-purpose, practically-useful operating system [1, 3]. In the case of Linux, device drivers make up, by far, the largest part of the kernel source code, and many more drivers are available outside the standard kernel source tree. New drivers are needed all the(More)
The Parts-of-file File System (PofFS) allows read-write accesses to different views of a given file or set of files in order to help the user separate and manipulate different concerns. The set of files is considered as a mount point from which views can be selected as read-write files via directories. Paths are formulas mentioning properties of a desired(More)