Yoann Olivier

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2.2. Materials 929 2.3. Factors Influencing Charge Mobility 931 2.3.1. Molecular Packing 931 2.3.2. Disorder 932 2.3.3. Temperature 933 2.3.4. Electric Field 934 2.3.5. Impurities 934 2.3.6. Pressure 934 2.3.7. Charge-Carrier Density 934 2.3.8. Size/molecular Weight 935 3. The Charge-Transport Parameters 935 3.1. Electronic Coupling 936 3.1.1. The(More)
Polyphenols (synthetically modified or directly provided by human diet) scavenge free radicals by H-atom transfer and may thus decrease noxious effects due to oxidative stress. Free radical scavenging by polyphenols has been widely theoretically studied from the thermodynamic point of view whereas the kinetic point of view has been much less addressed. The(More)
Conjugated polymers enable the production of flexible semiconductor devices that can be processed from solution at low temperatures. Over the past 25 years, device performance has improved greatly as a wide variety of molecular structures have been studied. However, one major limitation has not been overcome; transport properties in polymer films are still(More)
We present a Monte Carlo approach to estimate how molecular parameters impact hopping rates and charge mobilities in organic pi-conjugated materials. Our goal is to help in establishing structure-properties relationships. As a first step, our approach is illustrated by considering a model system made of a one-dimensional array of pentacene molecules; we(More)
A novel nonadiabatic molecular dynamics scheme is applied to study the singlet fission (SF) process in pentacene dimers as a function of longitudinal and lateral displacements of the molecular backbones. Detailed two-dimensional mappings of both instantaneous and long-term triplet yields are obtained, characterizing the advantageous and unfavorable stacking(More)
Singlet excitons in π-stacked molecular crystals can split into two triplet excitons in a process called singlet fission that opens a route to carrier multiplication in photovoltaics. To resolve controversies about the mechanism of singlet fission, we have developed a first principles nonadiabatic quantum dynamical model that reveals the critical role of(More)
The structural and electronic properties of four isomers of didodecyl[1]-benzothieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene (C12-BTBT) have been investigated. Results show the strong impact of the molecular packing on charge carrier transport and electronic polarization properties. Field-induced time-resolved microwave conductivity measurements unravel an unprecedented(More)
Three conjugated triphenylamine-based poly(azomethine)s were prepared via well-known polycondensation chemistry using cheap and readily available starting materials and the results were contrasted with rrP3HT. Three functionalized diaminetriphenylamines (TPA(X), X 1⁄4 –H, –OMe, –CN) were polymerized in a simple one-step process with(More)
A series of bulky end-capped [1]benzothieno[3,2-b]benzothiophenes (BTBTs) are developed in order to tune the packing structure via terminal substitution. A coupled theoretical and experimental study allows us to identify 2,7-di-tert-butylBTBT as a new high-performance organic semiconductor with large and well-balanced transfer integrals, as evidenced by(More)