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Nonlinear optical processes are one of the most important tools in modern optics with a broad spectrum of applications in, for example, frequency conversion, spectroscopy, signal processing and quantum optics. For practical and ultimately widespread implementation, on-chip devices compatible with electronic integrated circuit technology offer great(More)
The authors report 3 cases of peri-cerebral fluid collection in infants. They emphasize the importance of anterior fontanelle real-time ultrasonography to set up the diagnosis and for the follow up of these patients. From a technical point of view they recommend the use of a water bag to facilitate the examination.
Ultrasonic appearances of various types of gallbladder stones are described and findings on ultrasonic imaging of the main complications of biliary lithiasis analyzed. New possibilities for examination of the principal biliary pathway are being opened up by progress in improving resolution of the ultrasonoscope and by advances in knowledge of ultrasonic(More)
We demonstrate orthogonally polarized photon pair generation via spontaneous non-degenerate four-wave-mixing (FWM) of orthogonally polarized pumps in a CMOS compatible micro-ring resonator by fully suppressing stimulated FWM. Photon coincidences and optical parametric oscillation are measured.
Recent developments in quantum photonics have initiated the process of bringing photonic-quantum-based systems out-of-the-lab and into real-world applications. As an example, devices to enable the exchange of a cryptographic key secured by the laws of quantum mechanics are already commercially available. In order to further boost this process, the next step(More)
The serious serious sequelae of sprains of the knee and ankle makes it imperative for the therapist to have an early and precise diagnosis. The authors propose a means of exploring these joints with the aid of a simple set up. This new technology allows the radiologist, secure from direct or indirect radiation, to carry out a standardized examination of the(More)
Comparison of diagnostic accuracy using the two methods showed scanner imaging to provide superior results, with confirmation of herniated disc in 90 p. 100 cases based on purely discal semiological features. Limitations of the method result from the absence of epidural fat (narrow lumbar canals). A new hierarchy of radiological explorations in resistant(More)
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