Yoann Baudoin

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Jejunal diverticulosis is a rare malformation that is often asymptomatic. Complications might be similar to those occurring in large-bowel diverticula but also include a much more particular event: intestinal obstruction due to migration and impaction of enterolith formed inside diverticula. This is a very uncommon entity; diagnosis and management are thus(More)
In an emergency, a general surgeon may be faced with the need to treat arterial trauma of the extremities when specialized vascular surgery is not available in their hospital setting, either because an arterial lesion was not diagnosed during pre-admission triage, or because of iatrogenic arterial injury. The need for urgent control of hemorrhage and limb(More)
The technique of resuscitative transverse thoracotomy is for use in case of circulatory arrest in the trauma patient. This technique, performed after orotracheal intubation, is initiated by a 5th intercostal space thoracostomy in each mid-axillary line. If the circulatory arrest is not caused by a tension pneumothorax, bilateral thoracotomies in the 5th(More)
Vascular injuries from war require an emergency treatment whose objective is to quickly obtain hemostasis and the restoration of arterial flow. In this context of heavy trauma and limited means, damage control surgery is recommended and is based on the use of temporary vascular shunts (TVSs). We report the management of the simultaneous arrival of 2(More)
Tracheo-innominate artery fistulas are a rare but life-threatening complications (incidence between 0.1 and 1 %) occurring in tracheostomy patients. Surgery is the treatment of choice. Most authors recommend ligation of the innominate artery, which provides better results in terms of morbidity/mortality than revascularization surgery. We report here a case(More)
Penetrating pelvic trauma (PPT) is defined as a wound extending within the bony confines of the pelvis to involve the vascular, intestinal or urinary pelvic organs. The gravity of PPT is related to initial hemorrhage and the high risk of late infection. If the patient is hemodynamically unstable and in hemorrhagic shock, the urgent treatment goal is rapid(More)
INTRODUCTION In December 2013, France deployed more than 2,000 soldiers in Central African Republic with two main missions, to restore security and to improve the humanitarian situation. The objectives of this article were to analyze the surgical activity of forward surgical teams in Central African Republic over 2 years and to discuss features of training(More)
Blunt trauma of the abdominal aorta is rare. Secondary to high-energy trauma, it is observed mainly in association with complex lesions. Evaluation of injury to the aorta must be a priority due to the risk of life-threatening massive hemorrhage. The clinical presentation can be quite obvious but also variable and often misleading. If in doubt, a systematic(More)