Yoanes Bandung

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The need of improving the education quality is insparable from the strategic role of teachers. One potential solution to develop the teachers quality is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). In this paper, we propose a Digital Learning - Lesson Study (DL-LS) that is an implementation of Lesson Study - a teacher learning method(More)
Many government institutions in Indonesia failed in adopting E-learning due to lack of assessment and measuring their E-learning readiness. The cause of failure was not come from technology sector because Indonesia is the sixth largest Internet user in the world, but due to unreadiness in human resources and learning systems that were implemented. It is(More)
In this paper, we optimize low speed networks access for designing an efficient Voice over Internet Protocol network, especially in 64 kbps, 128 kbps, and 256 kbps bandwidth capacities. We draw some analytical approach based on Extended E-model to quantify some levels of quality of service. Using the model, those levels are determined by network parameters(More)
The previous research has developed Virtual Class Box design that uses multimedia conference technology to provide digital learning service [2]. However this technology is limited only to stream media files in realtime without the capability to save the content (recording capabilities). Our recent research improve this existing technology by providing(More)
Our previous research has successfully developed Virtual Class Box prototype that uses multimedia conference technology to provide digital learning service. This technology however faces a limitation in coverage and distance because the system needs a dedicated wireless infrastructure. Our recent research is to break this limitation by proposing augmented(More)
Improving the learning process quality of the students is an urgent need, particularly for those in rural areas. A key solution in this Information era is by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This allows the students to broaden information access as a foundation for developing student learning community (SLC). Our approach to(More)
In the last few decades, Information Communication Technologies has affected how business being performed and give a new exciting experience. The tourism industry is also affected by ICT development. Tourism industry is expected to be grow in importance. Tourism industry need to be supported by detailed and up to date information about tourism product to(More)
In Indonesia, the condition of education still tends to be unbalanced. The quality of education in urban areas is generally far better than the quality of education in rural areas. Education processes in rural areas face some problems like limited teaching resources, slight teaching tools, and monotonous teaching method. Therefore, an idea is emerged, a(More)
This paper describes the design of evaluation system for evaluating virtual class service. This system will be used for evaluating the virtual class in rural areas where the network capacity is limited. This virtual class service has been implemented in rural area where the users are the students of elementary school and teachers. The satisfaction of users(More)
Development of multimedia from year to year increasing with the growing support of computer networks such as wireless LAN (WLAN) as a media intermediary. The one of method is streaming multimedia delivery over the internet from the server to the client to respond to client requests to a video and audio contained in a computer network. Factors that affect(More)