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Although the mammalian germinal stem cell (GSC) provides a good model to investigate the regulation of stem cells, the small number of these cells currently available hampers elucidation of the regulatory mechanism. Here, we show the dramatic amplification of GSCs in mouse testis following transfection of human glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor(More)
The molecular basis of most human male infertility arising from spermatogenesis disruption is poorly understood because of a lack of useful investigation systems. To study the roles of the supporting Sertoli cells in mammalian spermatogenesis, we improved an electroporation technique for seminiferous tubules in vivo. Because Sertoli cells barely proliferate(More)
To study the complex molecular mechanisms of mammalian spermatogenesis, it would be useful to be able to isolate cells at each stage of differentiation, especially at the stage in which the cells switch from mitosis to meiosis. Currently, no useful marker proteins or gene promoters specific to this important stage are known. We report here a transgenic(More)
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