Yo Tanaka

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In the process of neuronal wiring, axons derived from the same functional group typically extend together, resulting in fascicle formation. How these axons communicate with one another remains largely unknown. Here, we show that protocadherin-17 (Pcdh17) supports this group extension by recruiting actin polymerization regulators to interaxonal contact(More)
Cone photopigments (opsins) are crucial elements of, and the first detection module in, color vision. Individual opsins have different wavelength sensitivity patterns, and the temporal and spatial expression patterns of opsins are unique and stringently regulated. Long and middle wavelength-sensitive (L/M) opsins are of the same phylogenetic type. Although(More)
long-term goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms, which coordi-nately regulate growth and differentiation of stem cells as well as differentiated cells with emphasis on intracellular signal transduction. For this purpose, we are using models ranging from iPS and various culture cells, zebrafish, mouse, to monkey. Based on our research background on(More)
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