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Nociceptin activation of ORL1 (opioid receptor-like 1 receptor) has been shown to antagonize mu receptor-mediated analgesia at the supraspinal level. ORL1 and mu-opioid receptor (muR) are co-expressed in several subpopulations of CNS neurons involved in regulating pain transmission. The amino acid sequence of ORL1 also shares a high degree of homology with(More)
Various cellular signaling pathways induced by nociceptin activation of ORL1 (opioid receptor-like 1 receptor) develop homologous desensitization. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that agonist-induced phosphorylation of serine (Ser)/threonine (Thr) residues at intracellular carboxyl tail leads to homologous desensitization of G protein-coupled receptors.(More)
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