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Speech screening of sibilant fricative phonemes is an important tool for oral health care. Nevertheless, screening as a function of quantitative geometrical markers is mostly limited to teeth features whereas the minimum area of the narrowed air passage upstream from the tooth is known to be a key production feature. The minimum area is estimated from(More)
The Petaflow project aims to contribute to the use of high performance computational resources to the benefit of society. To this goal the emergence of adequate information and communication technologies with respect to high performance computing-networking-visualisation and their mutual awarness is required. The developed technology and algorithms are(More)
Moving the simulation results produced by thousands of computing cores to the scientist office is not anymore an option. Remote visualization proposes to perform heavy duty postprocessing tasks at the computing center while transferring images to the scientist. To be effective, such environement needs to be flexible and interactive. Data loading from disks,(More)
Sibilant fricative sound production depends on the geometric and flow properties of the production system. Nevertheless, few studies deal with the potential impact of flow properties other than the inlet volume flow rate on the noise produced. In this work, an experimental study is presented using a replica based on a reconstructed oral cavity for the(More)
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