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A continuum description of granular flows would be of considerable help in predicting natural geophysical hazards or in designing industrial processes. However, the constitutive equations for dry granular flows, which govern how the material moves under shear, are still a matter of debate. One difficulty is that grains can behave like a solid (in a sand(More)
Received (received date) Revised (revised date) A simple model is presented for the description of steady uniform shear ow of granular material. The model is based on a stress uctuation activated process. The basic idea is that shear between two particles layers induces uctuations in the media that may trigger a shear at some other position. Based on this(More)
The drag force experienced by a horizontal cylinder rotating around the vertical axis in a granular medium under gravity is experimentally investigated. We show that, for deeply buried objects, the drag force dramatically drops after half a turn, as soon as the cylinder crosses its own wake. Whereas the drag during the first half turn increases linearly(More)
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