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To solve the unpleasant disposal of greywater in rural area and allow its collection for reuse in gardening, a slanted soil treatment system (SSTS) was designed and installed in two households. Granitic gravel of 1-9 mm size was used as the filter medium. The aim of this study was to design a SSTS and assess its suitability as a treatment system allowing(More)
Safe and appropriate disposal of human waste is a basic requirement for sanitation and protection of public health. For proper sanitation and nutrient recovery, it is necessary to ensure effective treatment methods to complete pathogen destruction in excreta prior to reuse. Composting toilets convert faeces to a reusable resource such as fertilizer or humus(More)
The Performance of the slanted soil for grey water was evaluated in light of required water quality of irrigation reuse. This study aimed to assess the treatment performance of grey water system by slanted soil and check the possibility of reuse this water treated in irrigation. The greywater was collected every week in two pilot families in “Kologondiéssé”(More)
Because of its importance in pathogen removal and algal productivity in waste stabilization ponds, sunlight penetration was measured in microcosms and in situ under Sahelian climatic conditions. The different wavelengths were detected using a submersible radiometer equipped with three sensors: UV-B (311 nm), UV-A (369 nm) and photosynthetically available(More)
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