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— This paper describes a novel technique for implementing ultra low-voltage/low-power digital circuits. The effective threshold voltage seen from a control gate is adjusted during a UV-light activated tuning procedure. The optimal effective threshold voltage matching the supply voltage and speed may be programmed by UV-light through an activated conductance(More)
In this paper we present a new proposal for implementing a voltage-mode Multiple-Valued (MV) maximum or minimum function. The circuit has been implemented using Recharged Semi Floating-Gate (SFG) transistors. The benefit with this design is, the proposed circuits can easily be fabricated using a conventional CMOS process. The circuit is suitable for a low(More)
— This paper presents a multiplier circuit using Balanced Ternary (BT) Notation. The multiplier can multiply both negative and positive numbers, which is one of the advantage able properties of the balanced ternary numbering systems. By using balanced ternary notation, it is possible to take advantage of carry free multiplication, which is exploited in(More)