Yngvar Berg

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— This paper describes a novel technique for implementing ultra low-voltage/low-power digital circuits. The effective threshold voltage seen from a control gate is adjusted during a UV-light activated tuning procedure. The optimal effective threshold voltage matching the supply voltage and speed may be programmed by UV-light through an activated conductance(More)
In this paper we present a new proposal for implementing a voltage-mode Multiple-Valued (MV) maximum or minimum function. The circuit has been implemented using Recharged Semi Floating-Gate (SFG) transistors. The benefit with this design is, the proposed circuits can easily be fabricated using a conventional CMOS process. The circuit is suitable for a low(More)
In this paper we propose a novel design of low-voltage current mirrors using oating gates. Floating gate UV-light programmable MOS transistors (FGUVMOS) are used to design current mirrors in low-voltage/low-power analog applications. The capacitive divider inputs to the oating gates can be utilized to reduce current mismatch due to Early eect.