Ylva Nilsson

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One of the features of the SAAB Variable Compression engine (SVC) is its possibility to change the compression by tilting the top of the engine. Due to the change in geometry, the standard equation used to calculate the cylinder volume as function of crank angle may not give sufficiently accurate result. A new cylinder volume function, that is specially(More)
Variable compression engines are a mean to meet the demand on lower fuel consumption. A high compression ratio results in high engine efficiency, but also increases the knock tendency. On conventional engines with fixed compression ratio, knock is avoided by retarding the ignition angle. The variable compression engine offers an extra dimension in knock(More)
In this paper we consider signal processing algorithms for detecting knock, i.e. auto-ignition of unburned fuel, in spark-ignited engines. To operate an engine with optimal efficiency, there is a need to operate close to the knock limit. This motivates the need for efficient knock detection algorithms that not only indicates knock, but also gives estimates(More)
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