Ylva Nilsson

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In this paper we consider signal processing algorithms for detecting knock, i.e. auto-ignition of unburned fuel, in spark-ignited engines. To operate an engine with optimal efficiency, there is a need to operate close to the knock limit. This motivates the need for efficient knock detection algorithms that not only indicates knock, but also gives estimates(More)
This thesis is a study of engine modeling in Modelica. It covers the range of models known as mean value engine models that often are used in development of control algorithms and evaluation of new hardware on the systems-level. The purpose is to create a package, a Modelica library, of basic components suitable for such models. The package is designed for(More)
In the report a model using a reduced reaction analysis has been used to see if it is possible to predict knock. The model is based on n-heptane combustion, but it is used for iso-octane. The model was supposed to be able to adapt to different fuels, but it is shown to be unable to do so. Further, the model has been compared to an existing method for(More)
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