Ylva Böttiger

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AIM To perform a nationwide investigation of paediatric drug use at Swedish hospitals, including an analysis of off-label drug use. METHODS All paediatric hospitals in Sweden were invited to register all prescriptions to children, aged between 0 and 18, during two separate 2-day-periods in 2008. Data were reported and analysed with respect to licence(More)
The aim was to develop a drug-drug interaction database (SFINX) to be integrated into decision support systems or to be used in website solutions for clinical evaluation of interactions. Key elements such as substance properties and names, drug formulations, text structures and references were defined before development of the database. Standard operating(More)
To investigate the impact of the integration of the drug-drug interaction database SFINX into primary health care records on the prevalence of potentially serious drug-drug interactions. The study was a controlled before-and-after study on the prevalence of potential drug-drug interactions before and after the implementation of SFINX at 15 primary(More)
Information must be collected, evaluated and utilized to support every qualified activity. Medicine, with a written scientific tradition stretching back more than 2,000 years, is no exception. Here, we discuss a number of important items associated with the establishment of a drug information centre run by clinical pharmacologists and information(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to investigate how prescribers and pharmacists use and perceive the drug-drug interaction database SFINX in their clinical work. METHODS A questionnaire was developed with questions aimed at the usage of SFINX, and the perceptions of the database. The questionnaire was sent out to all registered users of the web(More)