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A novel thermoacidophilic iron and sulfur-oxidizing archaeon, strain YN25, was isolated from an in situ enriched acid hot spring sample collected in Yunnan, China. Cells were irregular cocci, about 0.9-1.02 µm × 1.0-1.31 µm in the medium containing elemental sulfur and 1.5-2.22 µm × 1.8-2.54 µm in ferrous sulfate medium. The ranges of growth and pH were(More)
The electrokinetic properties of the rumen microbiota are involved in cell surface adhesion and microbial metabolism. An in vitro study was carried out in batch culture to determine the effects of three levels of special surface area (SSA) of biomaterials and four levels of surface tension (ST) of culture medium on electrokinetic properties (Zeta potential,(More)
As band widths are narrow and range of spectra is wide, subtle differences in spectral features can be extracted and used for mapping physical and chemical properties of bare substrate with imaging spectroscopy. However, the use of spectral characteristics of substrates is not accessible if substrate was covered by vegetation. In this study, we explored the(More)
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