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Recently, Racetrack Memory (RM) has attracted more and more attention of memory researchers because it has advantages of ultra-high storage density, fast access speed, and non-volatility. Prior research has demonstrated that RM has potential to replace SRAM for large capacity on-chip memory design. At the same time, it also addressed that the design space(More)
In modern energy harvesting sensor nodes, nonvolatile SRAM (nvSRAM) has been widely investigated as a promising on-chip memory architecture because of its zero standby power, resilience to power failures, and fast read/write operations. However, conventional approaches transfer all data from SRAM into NVM during the backup process. Thus, large on-chip(More)
Nonvolatile processors (NVPs) preserve run-time information when power failure occurs by utilizing nonvolatile memory technologies. This feature enables NVPs to make forward progress continuously under intermittent power supply in energy harvesting systems. This paper builds a gem5 based NVP simulator named NVPsim, which is validated against measured(More)
This work evaluates performance variability in the Cray Aries dragonfly network and characterizes its impact on MPI Allreduce. The execution time of Allreduce is limited by the performance of the slowest participating process, which can vary by more than an order of magnitude. We utilize counters from the network routers to provide a better understanding of(More)
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