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We studied components of male and female reproductive success in the fig, Ficus hirta from Guangdong Province, China. Specifically, we analyzed the composition and sex ratio of both pollinating (Blastophaga javana) and the two species of non-pollinating wasps associated with functionally male figs, as well as seed production in the functionally female figs.(More)
Acclimation to irradiance was measured in terms of light-saturated photosynthetic carbon assimilation rates (P(max)), Rubisco, and pigment content in mature field-grown rice (Oryza sativa) plants in tropical conditions. Measurements were made at different positions within the canopy alongside irradiance and daylight spectra. These data were compared with a(More)
Ficus microcarpa bears 1-4 crops a year in Guangzhou, South China, and therefore it has to produce lots of seeds to maintain large pollinating fig wasp population. However, it has a low population density under natural conditions, even in tropical forests. Seed germination under different conditions was conducted, and the result showed substrate type was an(More)
Photoinhibition and acclimation of photosynthesis in rice plants grown under N-sufficient (NS) and N-deficient (ND) field conditions were investigated during the tropical wet (WS) and dry (DS) seasons in the Philippines. Diurnal patterns of CO2 assimilation were examined. There was a transient peak in CO2 assimilation in the leaves of the NS plants in the(More)
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