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[2] A comprehensive 30330 arc-second resolution gridded soil characteristics data set of China has been developed for use in the land surface modeling. It includes physical and chemical attributes of soils derived from 8979 soil profiles and the Soil Map of China (1:1,000,000). We used the polygon linkage method to derive the spatial distribution of soil(More)
The support for generic programming in modern object-oriented programming languages is awkward and lacks desirable expressive power. We introduce an expressive genericity mechanism that adds expressive power and strengthens static checking, while remaining lightweight and simple in common use cases. Like type classes and concepts, the mechanism allows(More)
—Controller automata are a formal theory to model and analyze real-time systems with mutex components. It is mainly designed for a small scale real-time system in the low-level sequential behaviors, where control passing is explicitly handled. A controller automaton properly extends a timed automaton. Given a strict partial order over states, an ordered(More)
With the extensive use of client-side JavaScript in web applications, web contents are becoming more dynamic than ever before. This poses significant challenges for search engines, because more web URLs are now embedded or hidden inside JavaScript code and most web crawlers are script-agnostic, significantly reducing the coverage of search engines. We(More)
Cobalt-manganese-nickel oxalates micropolyhedrons were successfully fabricated by a room temperature chemical co-precipitation method. Interestingly, the Co0.5Mn0.4Ni0.1C2O4*nH2O micropolyhedrons and graphene nanosheets have been successfully applied as the positive and negative electrode materials (a battery type Faradaic electrode and a capacitive(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Recent studies indicate that hepatitis C virus (HCV) can modulate the expression of various genes including those involved in interferon signaling, and up-regulation of interferon-stimulated genes by HCV was reported to be strongly associated with treatment outcome. To expand our understanding of the molecular mechanism underlying(More)
Testosterone (T), the principal androgen, and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), are known to mediate their effects through binding to intracellular androgen receptors (iARs). In addition to their well-known genomic effects, androgens rapidly alter neuronal excitability through a non-genomic pathway mediated by membrane androgen receptors (mARs).(More)
Collective inference has attracted considerable attention in the last decade, where the response variables within a group of instances are correlated and should be inferred collectively, instead of independently. Previous works on collective inference mainly focus on exploiting the autocorrelation among instances in a static network during the inference(More)
Unhandled exceptions crash programs, so a compile-time check that exceptions are handled should in principle make software more reliable. But designers of some recent languages have argued that the benefits of statically checked exceptions are not worth the costs. We introduce a new statically checked exception mechanism that addresses the problems with(More)