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Intron retention (IR) is widely recognized as a consequence of mis-splicing that leads to failed excision of intronic sequences from pre-messenger RNAs. Our bioinformatic analyses of transcriptomic and proteomic data of normal white blood cell differentiation reveal IR as a physiological mechanism of gene expression control. IR regulates the expression of(More)
We propose a new, communication-efficient way for users to fetch multiple blocks simultaneously in Goldberg's robust information-theoretic private information retrieval (IT-PIR) scheme. Our new multi-block IT-PIR trades off some Byzantine robustness to improve throughput without affecting user privacy. By taking advantage of the recent Cohn-Heninger(More)
We propose a scheme for outsourcing Private Information Retrieval (PIR) to untrusted servers while protecting the privacy of the database owner as well as that of the database clients. We observe that by layering PIR on top of an Oblivious RAM (ORAM) data layout, we provide the ability for the database owner to perform private writes, while database clients(More)
Traditional stop-and-pay toll booths inconvenience drivers and are infeasible for complicated urban areas. As a way to minimize traffic congestion and avoid the inconveniences caused by toll booths, electronic tolling has been suggested. For example, as drivers pass certain locations, a picture of their licence plate may be taken and a bill sent to their(More)
In this paper, we employed RSS (rapid stream stimulation) paradigm to study the recognition processes of Chinese characters in background music. Real Chinese characters (upright or rotated) were used as target stimuli, while pseudo-words were used as background stimuli. Subjects were required to detect real characters while listening to Mozart's Sonata K.(More)
Aberrant stem cell-like gene regulatory networks are a feature of leukaemogenesis. The ETS-related gene (ERG), an important regulator of normal haematopoiesis, is also highly expressed in T-ALL and acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). However, the transcriptional regulation of ERG in leukaemic cells remains poorly understood. In order to discover transcriptional(More)
The accuracy of optical tracking systems is important to scientists. With the improvements reported in this regard, such systems have been applied to an increasing number of operations. To enhance the accuracy of these systems further and to reduce the effect of synchronization and visual field errors, this study introduces a field-programmable gate array(More)
BACKGROUND In order to shed light on the regenerative mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in vivo, the bio-distribution profile of implanted cells using a stable and long-term tracking method is needed. We herein investigated the bio-distribution of human placental deciduas basalis derived MSCs (termed as PDB-MSCs) in nude mice after intravenous(More)
2. Jindong Tan. A scalable graph model and coordination algorithms for mobile sensor networks. A real-time cardiac arrhythmia classification system with wearable sensor networks. adaptive-gain complementary filter for real-time human motion tracking with marg sensors in free-living environments. A 3d object model for wireless camera networks with network(More)