Yizhi Zhao

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Event management is imperative for manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturing events have to be captured, categorized, analyzed and acted upon in real-time fashions. This paper presents the concept of anticipative event management (AEM) which is a new approach to manufacturing event management. AEM focuses on predicting the events that are going to happen and(More)
Quality of hardware implementation is an important factor in selecting the NIST SHA-3 competition finalists. As a third-round candidate algorithm of SHA-3, BLAKE algorithm achieved excellent performance in software implementation. In order to adapt to the resource-limited and high-speed system, this paper carried out a [4G] hardware architecture based on(More)
Buffer overflow attacks have been causing serious security problems for decades. While numerous approaches have been proposed to prevent stack overflows, heap overflows remain a security threat and a frequent source of bugs. Embedded systems can be easily attacked by the heap overflow attacks. In this paper, based on analyzing the security of an embedded(More)
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