Yizheng Qiao

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In the novel system for off-line signature verification, both static and pseudodynamic features are extracted as original signal, which is processed by discrete wavelet transform (DWT) for the purpose of enhancing the difference in time domain between a genuine signature and its forgery. The verification scheme is achieved by combining the proposed fuzzy(More)
An optimal scheme for off-line Chinese signature verification is described in the paper. By using the projection profiles of signatures in different directions, the scheme obtained the objective function of signature verification. Then it employed dynamic programming for optimal matching and carried out training and verification. Otherwise, the technique of(More)
The Six-Digit Coding Method (SDCM) is a new coding method for Chinese characters. It is based on the structural analysis of Chinese characters. We recently developed this method and have successfully used it to code 11,100 characters, including the simplified, traditional, and variant forms found in Xin Hua Dictionary [7]. This article illustrates the basic(More)
An approach that neural network optimized with PSO algorithm is proposed in the paper. Unlike conventional training method with gradient descent method only, this paper introduces a hybrid training algorithm by combining the PSO and BP algorithm. The PSO is used to optimize the initial parameters of the BP neural network, including the weights and biases.(More)
Particle swarm optimization algorithm is a new evolutionary computation method, which is applicable to complex optimization problems that are nonlinear, nondifferentiable and multimodal. A method for identification of time-varying delay systems using particle swarm optimization is proposed. The basic idea of the method is that the identification problems(More)
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