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Previous anti-spamming algorithms based on link structure suffer from either the weakness of the page value metric or the vagueness of the seed selection. In this paper, we propose two page value metrics, AVRank and HVRank. These two "values" of all the web pages can be well assessed by using the bidirectional links' information. Moreover, with the help of(More)
Seed selection is of significant importance for the biased PageRank algorithms such as TrustRank to combat link spamming. Previous work usually uses a small seed set, which has a big problem that the top ranking results have a strong bias towards seeds. In this paper, we analyze the relationship between the result bias and the number of seeds. Furthermore,(More)
Recent studies show that the link-structure-based measures of Web page popularity prolong the procedure of new pages reaching their deserved ranking. In this paper we propose a promotional ranking scheme that offers an opportunity for newly-created pages to be recognized.We conduct a simulation to evaluate our method. Experimental results show that our(More)
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