Yizhang Guan

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Statistical method is one of the important methods on edge detection of computer vision. But the preview algorithms, which based on probability theory, are not practical. So the development of this research direction has been slow. In this paper, we provide a MDR (multi-directions-relation) algorithm for edge detection. Many methods reduce the noise before(More)
  • Yizhang Guan
  • 2009 ETP International Conference on Future…
  • 2009
In this paper, we propose a framework for the construction of a Statistical CPID security system in E-Government on Cloud Computing. The idea can help people construct a flexible security system based on a well organized strategy and statistical model. Cloud Computing is a general concept of the computing service which is reliance on the Internet for(More)
Pattern classification is to classify some object into one of the given categories called classes. For a specific pattern classification problem, a classifier is computer software. It is developed so that objects ( x ) are classified correctly with reasonably good accuracy. Through training using input-output pairs, classifiers acquire decision functions(More)
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