Yize Zhang

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Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technique enables stand-alone receivers to obtain cm-level positioning accuracy. Observations from multi-GNSS systems can augment users with improved positioning accuracy, reliability and availability. In this paper, we present and evaluate the GPS/BDS combined PPP models, including the traditional model and a simplified(More)
In vertebrates, DNA methyltransferase 3 (Dnmt3) homologues are responsible for de novo DNA methylation and play important roles in germ cell development. In the present study, four dnmt3 genes, dnmt3aa, dnmt3ab, dnmt3ba and dnmt3bb.1, were identified in ricefield eels. Real-time quantitative PCR analysis showed that all four dnmt3 mRNAs were detected(More)
Synaptonemal complex protein 3 (Scp3), which is encoded by scp3, is a meiotic marker commonly used to trace the timing of gonadal differentiation in vertebrates. In the present study, the ricefield eel scp3 cDNA was cloned, and a fragment encoding amino acids 49 to 244 was overexpressed. The recombinant Scp3 polypeptide was purified and used to generate a(More)
The ricefield eel is a protogynous hermaphroditic Synbranchiform species that changes sex naturally from female to male, which offers an interesting model for studying gonadal (particularly ovarian) differentiation in vertebrates. In the present study, transcriptome sequencing of the gonad of ricefield eel larvae was performed to explore the molecular(More)
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