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Emergence of business networking and social networking increases the exchange of sensitive information and creation of behaviour traces in the network. However, the current computing and communication solutions do not provide sufficient conceptual, architectural or technical facilities to preserve privacy while collaborating in the network. This paper(More)
To address the issues of false candidate atmospheric light, halo effects and color distortion in sky regions, a physically plausible single image dehazing algorithm is proposed based on texture filtering. First, gamma correction based preprocessing is applied to the luminance channel of the haze image, which improves the luminance and contrast of the haze(More)
Content: This paper explains the results of a user study on 131 participants in Finland. The study measured how feedback information influences user' decision making, and what impact individual feedback elements have. The study was conducted using a research prototype that simulates a real world widget sharing website. Our results indicate that customer(More)
12 Tiivistelmä − Referat − Abstract This paper described three of the challenges met by small software companies and their corresponding solutions. It focuses on the challenges met by small software companies from software engineering's point of view, and introduces several approaches, which have been demonstrated helpful to solve the specified problems.(More)
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