Yiyuan Huang

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—Integrating reconfigurable computing with high-performance computing, exploiting reconfigurable hardware with their advantages to make up for the inadequacy of the existing high-performance computers had gradually become the high-performance computing solutions and trends. Based on comprehensively investigating the reconfigurable technologies, the paper(More)
This paper focuses on a research of creation methodology for interactive art installation, which emphasizes a kind of communication between artistic connotation and spectator's comprehension through some stimulation diffused by interactivity. Objective of this paper is to transfer a work's philosophy or signification, in an unconscious way, to cognition of(More)
This project focuses on two questions: how to use psychological suggestion to create interactions in order to diffuse artistic connotations or emotions correctly. And the second is how to use innovative digital technologies to help us to get above purposes. Therefore, an experiment is introduced, which uses mind control, odor and wind simulation, facial(More)
During the past decades, many new digital technologies were adopted in the field of art, leading to a variety of new art forms. As a result, the boundary between fiction and reality becomes more and more blurred. This paper introduces a new technology that captures virtual brain waves and, through this technology, investigates the interaction between human(More)
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