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Java is widely applied in mobile devices and network applications due to its object-oriented features and corresponding advantages such as security, robustness, platform independence. However, almost all the current Java processors do not provide enough hardware support on object-oriented programming so that the objectoriented related operations are(More)
jHISC is an object-oriented processor for embedded system aiming at accelerating Java execution by hardware approach. Garbage collection is one of the critical tasks in a Java Virtual Machine. In this paper, we have conduct a study of dynamic object allocation and garbage collection behavior of Java program based on SPECjvm 98 benchmark suite and MIDP(More)
Java is widely applied from the small embedded devices to enterprise systems nowadays due to its object-oriented features and corresponding advantages of security, robustness, and platform independence. Java programs are compiled into Java Bytecodes, which are executed in the Java virtual machine. Among the current hardware or software solutions to the Java(More)
Java is widely applied into embedded devices and network applications. Java programs are compiled into Java bytecodes, which are executed in the Java virtual machine. The Java virtual machine is a stack machine and instruction folding is a technique to reduce the redundant stack operations. In this paper, a simple instruction folding algorithm is proposed(More)
In the past, programming language are procedural, the design concept is based on the module and scope which are difficult to manage, but nowadays, the programming trend is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), where objects are the key elements to build up application and the communications between different objects are through method invocation. A novel(More)
Object representation model is critical to the execution speed of Java programs because it has a great impact on the speed of accessing objects and Java is a object based programming language. In this paper, a novel object representation model for Java is proposed, where object fields can be accessed directly and parallelly to reduce the access overhead.(More)
Although Java is attractive in many aspects, it is not likely to be popular in embedded market. The obstacle is that Java relies on a Java virtual machine to process the Java bytecodes that imposes large overheads on the embedded system. It is effective to solve this problem by implement an embedded Java processor. In this paper, an extensive co-design(More)