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This paper builds a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model to mathematically characterize the problem of aggregate production planning (APP) with capacity expansion in a manufacturing system including multiple activity centers. We use the heuristic based on capacity shifting with linear relaxation to solve the model. Two linear relaxations, i.e., a(More)
This paper dedicates efforts to discover the part-time association rules in real-time transactional database by extending the traditional minsup-minconf based framework to a new one – the minsup, minconf and minwin based framework. We propose a more general form for association rule, i.e., the Association Rule with Time-Windows (ARTW), to properly integrate(More)
In this paper, an effective approach based on the variable neighborhood search (VNS) algorithm is presented to solve the uncapacitated multilevel lot-sizing (MLLS) problems with component commonality and multiple end-items. A neighborhood structure for the MLLS problem is defined, and two kinds of solution move policies, i.e., move at first improvement(More)
In this study, we improved the variable neighborhood search (VNS) algorithm for solving uncapacitated multilevel lot-sizing (MLLS) problems. The improvement is two-fold. First, we developed an effective local search method known as the Ancestors Depth-first Traversal Search (ADTS), which can be embedded in the VNS to significantly improve the solution(More)