Yiying Luo

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The vertebrate retina develops from a sheet of neuroepithelial cells. Because adherens and tight junctions are critical for epithelial and neuronal differentiation in a variety of eukaryotic systems, we examined the role of Par-3, a PDZ scaffold protein that is critical in cellular membrane junction formation. We cloned the zebrafish Par-3 ortholog (pard3),(More)
Foxe3 is a winged helix/forkhead domain transcription factor necessary for mammalian and amphibian lens development. Human FOXE3 mutations cause anterior segment dysgenesis and cataracts. The zebrafish foxe3 cDNA was PCR amplified from 24 h post-fertilization (hpf) embryo cDNA. The zebrafish foxe3 gene consists of a single exon on chromosome 8 and encodes a(More)
The vertebrate retina develops from an undifferentiated sheet of neuroepithelial cells, whose differentiation requires the generation and maintenance of the correct cellular polarity. To examine the role of cell polarity in retinal development, we cloned three zebrafish lin7 genes (lin7a, lin7b, and lin7c), which each encodes a protein candidate that is(More)
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