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This paper develops an estimation strategy for and then applies a spatial autoregressive multinomial probit (SAR MNP) model to account for both spatial clustering and cross-alternative correlation. Estimation is achieved using Bayesian techniques with Gibbs and the generalized direct sampling (GDS). The model is applied to analyze land development decisions(More)
This work examines the relationship between 3-year pedestrian crash counts across Census tracts in Austin, Texas, and various land use, network, and demographic attributes, such as land use balance, residents' access to commercial land uses, sidewalk density, lane-mile densities (by roadway class), and population and employment densities (by type). The(More)
Self-organized gallium nitride nanodots have been fabricated using droplet heteroepitaxy on c-plane sapphire by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy at different substrate temperatures and Ga fluxes. Nanoscale Ga droplets were initially formed on the sapphire substrate at high temperatures by Ga deposition from an effusion cell in an ultrahigh vacuum(More)
18 This work examines the relationship between 3-year pedestrian crash counts across Census tracts 19 in Austin, Texas, while controlling for land use, network, and demographic attributes. The model 26 having a high share of residences near transit stops is associated with higher pedestrian crash 27 risks, presumably since such access encourages more(More)
36 37 Geographically weighted regression (GWR) enjoys wide application in regional science, 38 thanks to its relatively straightforward formulation and explicit treatment of spatial effects. 39 However, its application to discrete-response data sets and land use change at the level of 40 urban parcels has remained a novelty. This work combines logit(More)
Policymakers, transport planners, automobile manufacturers, and others are interested in the factors that affect adoption rates of electric vehicles and more fuel efficient vehicles. Using Census-tract-level data and registered vehicle counts across Texas counties in 2010, this study investigated the impact of various built environment and demographic(More)
The electricity consumption of a charging station is obviously fluctuant. An energy storage system is an effective device to improve the load variation of the charging station. In order to give full play to energy storage system, this paper proposes a charging and discharging control strategy of the storage system considering multi-objective including(More)
This paper develops two new models and evaluates the impact of using different weight matrices on parameter estimates and inference in three distinct spatial specifications for discrete response. These specifications rely on a conventional, sparse, inverse-distance weight matrix for a spatial auto-regressive probit (SARP), a spatial autoregressive approach(More)
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