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The presence of a live cell cohabiting within another cell has fascinated scientists for many decades. Far from being a spurious event, many have attempted to uncover the molecular mechanism underlying this phenomenon. In this study, we observed anchorage-dependent MCF-7 cells internalizing neighboring epithelial cells (entosis) after siRNA-mediated(More)
Metallothionein (MT) plays a role in fundamental cellular processes such as proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation. We examined MT expression in women with invasive breast ductal carcinoma who underwent mastectomy/lumpectomy without neo-adjuvant treatment. We showed that MT was over-expressed in 87.9% of breast cancer tissues examined, with the mean(More)
Breast cancer is a disease that has plagued many women globally. The rapid rise in the incidence rate has prompted the rigorous search to understand its etiology and find better management strategies for this disease. Metallothionein (MT) belongs to a family of metal-binding proteins where dysregulated expression of this protein has been observed in(More)
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