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The explosive growth of 802.11-based wireless LANs has attracted interest in providing higher data rates and greater system capacities. Among the IEEE 802.11 standards, the 802.11a standard based on OFDM modulation scheme has been defined to address high-speed and large-system-capacity challenges. Hardware implementations are often used to meet the(More)
RSA is a popular cryptography algorithm widely used in signing and encrypting operations for security systems. Generally, the software implementations of RSA algorithm are based on 2-prime RSA. Recently multi-prime RSA has been proposed to speed up RSA implementations. Both 2-prime and multi-prime implementations require squaring reduction and(More)
In this paper, we present a high performance Turbo CODEC implemented using digital signal processor for wireless systems following recommended CDMA2000 standard. At the transmitter side, the Turbo encoder is implemented with a modified 15×13 odd-even interleaver. As modern DSP chips, like TI C64x, are designed with multiple functional units, it is(More)
Memory reference in digital signal processors (DSP) is among the most costly operations due to its long latency and substantial power consumption. Previously proposed twiddle-factor-based butterfly grouping method can effectively minimize memory references due to twiddle factors for implementing any existing fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms on DSP.(More)
Multiphoton microscopy (MPM) was applied for imaging and quantifying the elastic cartilage regeneration tissue in a rabbit ear model without using labeling agents. Morphology of cells and collagen matrix were analysis, showing significant difference between regenerated and intact cartilage in cellular size and collagen distribution. The results demonstrate(More)