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Design problems affect every software system. Diverse software systems have been discontinued or reengineered due to design problems. As design documentation is often informal or nonexistent, design problems need to be located in the source code. The main difficulty to identify a design problem in the implementation stems from the fact that such problem is(More)
Android's communication model has a major security weakness: malicious apps can manipulate other apps into performing unintended operations and can steal end-user data, while appearing ordinary and harmless. This paper presents SEALANT, a technique that combines static analysis of app code, which infers vulnerable communication channels, with runtime(More)
  • Yixue Zhao
  • 2017 IEEE/ACM 4th International Conference on…
  • 2017
Network latency in mobile apps is the first and foremost concern since the majority of apps frequently fetch data from the Internet and mobile devices rely on wireless networks. To minimize network latency, we propose a novel prefetching technique which has the potential of reducing latency to "zero". Our approach aims to prefetch(More)
  • Yixue Zhao
  • 2011 International Conference on Computer Science…
  • 2011
Based on the principle of AHP, this paper establishes B2C e-commerce site evaluation system,whose Perspective start from consumer. This paper regards the quality of B2C e-commerce site as overall goal, and set product, price, service, Credibility as first indicators, at the same time, which establishes 15 secondary indicators. Finally, this paper utilizes(More)
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  • Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on…
  • 2012
On the basis of the characteristics of Ad Hoc Networks, from the perspective of the authentication and key agreement between nodes, this paper puts forward Ad Hoc Networks key cluster management solution based on the hash function.By introducing a clustering technology, this solution reduces the amount of computation and communication between nodes,(More)
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