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To identify functions of the IKKalpha subunit of IkappaB kinase that require catalytic activity, we generated an Ikkalpha(AA) knockin allele containing alanines instead of serines in the activation loop. Ikkalpha(AA/AA) mice are healthy and fertile, but females display a severe lactation defect due to impaired proliferation of mammary epithelial cells.(More)
Transcription factor, nuclear factor ␬ B (NF-␬ B), is required for osteoclast formation in vivo and mice lacking both of the NF-␬ B p50 and p52 proteins are osteopetrotic. Here we address the relative roles of the two catalytic subunits of the I ␬ B kinase (IKK) complex that mediate NF-␬ B activation, IKK ␣ and IKK ␤ , in osteoclast formation and(More)
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