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The rapid development of multiple sensors leads to a new era of data explosion. How to deal with the huge amount of the data is a hot topic in many fields. In the photogrammetry and computer vision community, the newly emerged laser scanning technology has been paid much attention by researchers doing 3D reconstruction applications. In order to protect the(More)
Deeply hidden in the artistic treasury of Northwest China, the Mogao Caves is a green land in yellow sand and a shining pearl on the Silk Road. But, thousands of years' damages from the nature factors and artificial destroy and overload tours cause diseases for all the caves in different extents. Consequently, the speed of painted statues and fresco(More)
ADS40 from Leica Geosystems is a new-type airborne digital camera. Nowadays, it has aggregated worldwide focus in application fields of aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing with its distinct works in interpreting and mapping of comprehensive ground surface conditions. So far, although a systematic technical routine for reconstruction of large-scale 3D(More)
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