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The Tor network is a widely used system for anonymous communication. However, Tor is known to be vulnerable to attackers who can observe traffic at both ends of the communication path. In this paper, we show that prior attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. We present a suite of new attacks, called Raptor, that can be launched by Autonomous Systems (ASes)(More)
Tor is vulnerable to network-level adversaries who can observe both ends of the communication to deanonymize users. Recent work has shown that Tor is susceptible to the previously unknown active BGP routing attacks, called RAPTOR attacks, which expose Tor users to more network-level adversaries. In this paper, we aim to mitigate and detect such active(More)
Present a suite of new attacks, called Raptor attacks, that can be launched by Autonomous Systems (ASes) to compromise user anonymity over the Tor network. Design and build countermeasures to defend against active routing attacks on Tor. We propose a new relay selection algorithm to proactively protect Tor users from being affected in an active attack, and(More)
This paper presents a flexible capacitive tactile sensing array based on Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPCB) technology. Several prototype flexible tactile sensors have been successfully fabricated by using simple processes. The sensing array consists of two flexible printed circuit boards as sensing electrodes and insulation layer between them. This(More)
If gender bias is receding, demographic manifestations of son preference should also tend to decrease. The sex composition of US children provides a key barometer of gender preference. In the 2010 US Population Census, Chinese and Asian-Indian families are more likely to have a son after a daughter, consistent with previous research. Korean-American(More)
Digital certificates play an important role in secure and private communication using TLS. Thus, vulnerabilities in the process of issuing digital certificates (identity verification) can have devastating consequences for the security and privacy of online communications. In this talk, we explore the impact of BGP hijack and interception attacks on the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Primary lung cancer has been common malignant tumors. Accurate preoperative N staging can avoid unnecessary surgical operations, and patients with N3 has non-surgical treatment of indications. The aim of this study is to investigate the clinical value of ultrasound in the diagnosis of supraclavicular lymph node metastasis and(More)
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