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In this paper we consider the problem of distributed tracking with consensus on a time-varying graph with noisy com ni uni cat! on s links and sensing constraints. We develop a framework to handle the time-varying network topology in which not every node has local observations to geneigte own local tracking estimates. Our approach introduces the concepts of(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of interactive walkthrough of a large virtual environment (VE) where the data representing 3D virtual objects can not reside completely in the main memory. We tap into the wealth of techniques (indexing, caching, prefetching) that have been widely used by the database community, and investigate how walkthrough semantics(More)
Data representing virtual environments (VEs) are getting increasingly large in order to better simulate real scenes. This poses interesting challenges to organize, store, and render the data for interactive navigation in VEs, or walkthrough. A large VE usually consists of thousands of 3D objects, each of which can be represented by hundreds of polygons, and(More)
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