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Hepatoprotective effects of polysaccharide isolated from Agaricus bisporus industrial wastewater against CCl₄-induced hepatic injury in mice.
During the industrial production of canned mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), a large quantity of wastewater is produced. In this study, the wastewater generated during the canning of mushroom wasExpand
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Three new 2,5-diketopiperazines from the fish intestinal Streptomyces sp. MNU FJ-36
Abstract The gut actinobacteria of marine-inhabited fish is one of the most important reservoirs of novel natural products. Currently, the Streptomyces sp. MNU FJ-36 was isolated from the intestinalExpand
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p-Aminophenylalanine Involved in the Biosynthesis of Antitumor Dnacin B1 for Quinone Moiety Formation
Actinosynnema species produce diverse natural products with important biological activities, which represent an important resource of antibiotic discovery. Advances in genome sequencing andExpand
Generation of tetramycin B derivative with improved pharmacological property based on pathway engineering
Polyene antibiotics, including amphotericin, nystatin, pimaricin, and tetramycin, are important antifungal agents. Increasing the production of polyenes and generation of their improved analoguesExpand
Nonomuraea nitratireducens sp. nov., a new actinobacterium isolated from Suaeda australis Moq. rhizosphere.
A novel actinomycete, designated WYY166T, was isolated from the rhizosphere of Suaeda australis Moq. collected in Dongfang, PR China. The taxonomic position of this strain was investigated using aExpand