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We study the coupling dynamics between the evolution of cooperation and the evolution of partnership network on a geographical plane. While agents play networked prisoner's dilemma games, they can dynamically adjust their partnerships based on local information about reputation. We incorporate geographical features into the process of the agent's partner(More)
We propose a simplified model which exhibits community structure, power-law degree distribution and high clustering. Every vertex is a social one with a social identity. The preferential attachment of Barabási-Albert model is incorporated with social similarity. When a newly added vertex makes a new link, it first selects a certain group of vertices(More)
Many different types of high-speed networks are employed in industrial systems, which affect real-time processing, such as motor control of industrial controllers, because of the increased CPU load due to network protocol processing. In this study, we propose a system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture for industrial controllers to reduce the network protocol(More)
This paper models and analyzes international trade flows using open flow networks (OFNs) with the approaches of flow distances, which provide a novel perspective and effective tools for the study of international trade. We discuss the establishment of OFNs of international trade from two coupled viewpoints: the viewpoint of trading commodity flow and that(More)
Humans constantly adjust their social relationships and choose new partners of good reputations, thereby promoting the evolution of cooperation. Individuals have to pay a cost to build a reputation, obtain others' information and then make partnership adjustments, yet the conditions under which such costly behaviors are able to evolve remain to be explored.(More)
Spontaneous ureteric rupture (SUR) is an unusual entity associated with perinephric or retroperitoneal extravasation of urine. Patients with SUR are often presented with severe and progressive abdominal or flank pain. It is commonly related to the obstruction of genitourinary system, among which urinary calculi represents the most frequent cause. Prostate(More)
Availability of large-scale network data for real systems is enabling mathematical and computational methods to systematically model the formation of the networks. Various growth models are proposed to reproduce the structures of the real-world networks. Evaluating how well a model fits the network data is an outstanding challenge, since the structures of(More)
In this paper, a pipelined implementation of a Hessenberg-based input balanced realization is derived, which is realized by placing the delay elements in the lower path and the upper path alternately. The proposed pipelined structure is canonical in the sense that no extra delay is needed. For an Nth order filter, the proposed structure requires 5N -1(More)