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In general, online buying behavior can be understood in two stages: the first stage is primarily concerned with encouraging people to purchase online and the second is to encourage them to repurchase, which is critical if the e-commerce vendor is to succeed. It costs more time and effort to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Indeed,(More)
BACKGROUND Diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary tract are common health problems that affect people of all ages and demographic backgrounds. In this study, we compared the quantity and quality of nephrological and urological articles published in international journals from the three major regions of China: the mainland (ML), Hong Kong (HK), and Taiwan(More)
BACKGROUND Serum phosphorus control is critical for chronic kidney disease (CKD) 5D patients. Currently, clinical profile for an oral phosphorus binder in the mainland Chinese population is not available. OBJECTIVE To establish the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of lanthanum carbonate in CKD 5D patients. DESIGN Multicenter, randomized, double blind,(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause of death in patients on chronic dialysis. The question whether dialysis modality impacts cardiovascular risk remains to be addressed. China Collaborative Study on Dialysis, a multi-centers cohort study, was performed to evaluate cardiovascular morbidity during maintenance hemodialysis (HD) and(More)