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Corneal chemical burns are common ophthalmic injuries that may result in permanent visual impairment. Although significant advances have been achieved on the treatment of such cases, the structural and functional restoration of a chemical burn-injured cornea remains challenging. The applications of polysaccharide hydrogel and subconjunctival injection of(More)
Numerous research have begun to reveal the importance of maternal nutrition in offspring brain development. Particularly, the maternal obesity or exposure to high-fat diet has been strongly suggested to exert irreversible impact on the structure and function of offspring's brain. However, it remains obscure about whether neonatal neural stem cells (NSCs) in(More)
In product model design, it is of great significance to get to know consumer's perceptual feelings, i.e. Kansei, about the product so as to improve design and work out the desired product. In this paper, smart watch samples are firstly selected by referring to various kinds of sources. By decomposing watch model structure using morphological analysis(More)
We consider a two-strain pathogen model described by a system of reaction-diffusion equations. We define a basic reproduction number R0 and show that when the model parameters are constant (spatially homogeneous), if R0 >1 then one strain will outcompete the other strain and drive it to extinction, but if R0 ≤ 1 then the disease-free equilibrium is globally(More)
The Information Entrepreneurship involves every field. It is a process of creating infromationization product, service and realizing its potencial value to make profits by informationization tools and methods focused on computer. Network played an very important role. The informationization undertaking not only includes on-line undertaking which focused on(More)