Yixiang Fang

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Despite its popularity, SimRank is computationally costly, in both time and space. In particular, its recursive nature poses a great challenge in using modern distributed computing power, and also prevents querying similarities individually. Existing solutions suffer greatly from these practical issues. In this paper, we break such dependency for maximum(More)
Twitter is widely used all over the world, and a huge number of hot topics are generated by Twitter users in real time. These topics are able to reflect almost every aspect of people's daily lives. Therefore, the detection of topics in Twitter can be used in many real applications, such as monitoring public opinion, hot product recommendation and incidence(More)
Given a graph G and a vertex q ∈ G, the community search query returns a subgraph of G that contains vertices related to q. Communities , which are prevalent in attributed graphs such as social networks and knowledge bases, can be used in emerging applications such as product advertisement and setting up of social events. In this paper, we investigate the(More)
Given a graph G and a set Q of query nodes, we examine the Steiner Maximum-Connected Subgraph (SMCS). The SMCS, or G's induced subgraph that contains Q with the largest connectivity, can be useful for customer prediction, product promotion, and team assembling. Despite its importance, the SMCS problem has only been recently studied. Existing solutions(More)
Mechanical product design is one of typical fields which strongly depend on past experience, and its domain knowledge constitution is complex. Oriented to industrial application and product design process, driving serial design of mechanical product by domain knowledge can make the designers release from the onerous repeated work. According to(More)
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