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The component service in web service composition may fail or degrade in QoS thus needs to be replaced. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for services replacement of the composition. The target service could be replaced individually, or it could be replaced with its related services in the composition as a whole by a more complex service. In this(More)
The authenticity of advertised QoS for Web services is of particular relevance during service discovery and selection. Reputation of a service is often used as a measure of its trustworthiness. Currently, reputation is usually computed from the users' feedbacks and represents a snapshot for the interactions in a past time slot. However, in an open(More)
Across various domains, the ontologies are learned from relational models of databases for the purpose of integrating data to a semantic layer. Through mappings among ontologies, new semantic applications can visit these integrated data with semantic query language like SPARQL. However, the traditional systems are still running on databases with SQL. In(More)
IaaS is one of the basic service models in cloud computing, and virtual machine deployment is an important task in IaaS. In this paper, we study the problem of data transfer cost between VMs and data centers in cloud computing environment with multi clusters. We propose a measurement model which defines the traffic matrix and unit price matrix, while the(More)
Finding the user-interested concepts of a large ontology is an important problem in Ontology analysis and reusing. A set of ranked concepts of an Ontology, which are ordered by the potential degree-of-interest, can help person find out the expected concepts, especially when the target Ontology is complex and large. In this paper we present a concept ranking(More)
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